Fendi – Point Me To The Slut’s Mp3 Download

“Fendi – Point Me To The Slut’s” is a high-energy rap track by American rapper NGeeYL, the song showcases Fendi’s confident flow and charismatic delivery over a hard-hitting trap beat. The lyrics boast about his success and status as the top dog in the rap game, with lines like “I’m the one they fear, yeah, they know my name” and “I’m the king, I ain’t gotta prove nothin’.” T

he song’s catchy chorus, featuring the refrain Point Me To The Slut’s,” adds to its anthemic feel and makes it a crowd-pleaser in live performances. Overall, “We Da 1’s” is a bold and braggadocious statement from Fendi, showing off his skills and solidifying his place as one of the rising stars of Southern rap.

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